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Houston Business Journal Article on Cloud Nine Hair USA Launch

H-Town – Executive Living Houston snares HQ for Kate’s hairstyle products Houston Business Journal by Allison Wollam, Reporter Date: Friday, February 24, 2012, 5:00am CST Related:  Retailing & Restaurants Enlarge Image Gina Angulo (left) with Andrea Lore   Allison WollamReporter - Houston Business Journal The hair products company that helped style English Princess Kate Middleton’s coif for the royal wedding is making its U.S. debut in the [...]

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Cloud Nine on the X Factor

Cloud Nine has the X Factor for Kelly By Rachael Gibson on November 3, 2011  Kelly Rowland's talented stylist Charley McEwen has been using the professional hair tools from the Cloud Nine range to style Kelly's locks on The X Factor.   As the competition heats up and the panels' live show looks cause as much conversation as the contestants' performances, Kelly has [...]

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Product Snob

On Cloud 9 Cloud Nine Heat Induction Hair Technology “The O” Enters the United States Hair Care Market. Ladies, do you know what this means? Less Heat, More Style = Less Damage. Cloud Nine owner Robert Powls has introduced his new line of heat induction technology hair products, The O, The Wands and The Irons. It is rumored [...]

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"The O dry" For girls who love a roller, these are super quick. They're dropped into a machine called TheO Pod, which beeps when they're hot enough - in just four seconds. They're then rolled into the hair and, voila - gorgeous waves!

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Black Hair

"...Curls created with magic wand." "You'll be on cloud infinity after experiencing the magic touch of an innovative new heating tool fresh from leading hair manufacturers Cloud Nine. The super svelte and sexy styling tool - The Wand - uses revolutionary technology that allows you to create cute curls and waves without the use of searing [...]

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Cloud Nine Wide Irons feature... In the October issue of Vogue, Funmi Fetto tells all about straightening her hair. The Cloud Nine Wide Irons are featured as the perfect straightening tool.

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Your Hair

'Roll up like Rosie...' 'If you want instant glossy curls like Rosie Huntingtom-Whitely then the versatile Cloud Nine Wand is for you!'

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Hair Ideas

For Fearne Cotton inspired hair Hair Idea's recommend TheO in their"...In a rush? Don't worry, our super quick A-list hairdos will have you looking gorgeous in no time!" feature. Dylan Bradshaw recommends TheO as his secret weapon for Fern Cotton Inspired Hair.

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