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lets talk about your hair The O Cloud Nine review


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Kick's Ass

Condition of Hair:


We put it through the paces!

WOW. I said it, Wow.... this is perhaps the most prolithic achievent in the hair industry that is consumer available. We put this to the test and NO only did it pass but the O outpaced our session stylists, yeah it outpaced them.

They told us that it would consistently heat up each roller in 4 seconds, just drop it in, wait for the light pull it out and use it. YEAH it worked. We could not place the rollers in the hair fast enough. SO we went All OUT backstage session and worked on three people with one O at the same time. Amazing, two stylists working off one O on three people and it outpaced us AGAIN. EVERY roller was hot and gripped the hair easily. In many cases we did not even look to use the clips.

Here is something else that was really cool.  If we ran out of a roller size it only took four seconds to reheat it and place it somewhere else.... your kidding right ? Where was this when we were doing NYC runway?

Here is our prediction. EVERY session stylist in the world will have this in their tool case period AND every woman who is looking for soft curls and that incredible tousled look that ONLY hot rollers create will NEED this product and it will be on the "MUST HAVE GIFT LIST".


The Full Review


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