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CLOUD NINE WAND on JackHoward Blog


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Jack Howard SRH, international hair colourist is a Balayage expert. His career has led him from London to Washington DC, New York, LA and San Francisco, teaching the Art of Hair Painting.  His work has been featured in Modern Salon The Hairdresser Cult-Beauty Redonline and GlamUK to name a few, he is now the resident colour expert for Stylebible the original luxury international lifestyle directory


It seems I have gone from lust to love with the styling equipment from the guys at CLOUD NINE a few weeks ago my original Wand by Cloud Nine arrived and I spent a few days playing with it. The results have been amazing to say the least, but what I have enjoyed most is the tremendous thought and attention to detail that has gone into this product.

The features include -

1-temperature control, Low Medium and High settings with which you can create soft big bouncy curls or tighter ones. They even give you a breakdown of hair type and heat settings for the type of curl you want. Remember the smaller the section the tighter the curl will be regardless of hair type, but check your settings guide which comes in a very user friendly manuel.

2-The barrel, they don’t tell you whats in it, but it does contain an ingredient thats adds shine and sparkle (for glossy hair we need this and I love it).

3- The swivel cord, now for all of you that can get wrapped up in an appliance cord this is a godsend, the cord swivels for you, so simple an idea why doesn’t everything have one?.

4-Heat guard, a protective case that you can put on after you have finished using it allowing it to cool down safely.

4-Hibernation mode, a great safety feature, how many of us have left the house thinking have we or haven’t we left something on that we shouldn’t have? The Wand turns of after 30 mins of not being used, again so simple but its all in the detail.

5- Dual adapter, great for traveling abroad you can now take your wand with you to Europe, no excuses for gloss-less hair when in Europe now ladies.

6- Heat glove, this now has 5 fingers instead of the original 2- it was a little small for me but then I am a big guy and I don’t think any ladies will have a problem with the glove not fitting.

7- The Wand also contains a simple booklet with how to achieve certain looks in it, styling tips are always useful and their are plenty online to help as well.


The CLOUD NINE range is not the cheapest out there but lots of thought and some really great technology has gone into the creation of their products I think its well worth the price.

Jacks tip – remember to always use a heat protective styling product, and if your hair is coloured keep your heat settings lower – heat is one of the daily aggressions that adds to colour fade..

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