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On Cloud 9

Cloud Nine Heat Induction Hair Technology “The O” Enters the United States Hair Care Market.

Ladies, do you know what this means? Less Heat, More Style = Less Damage. Cloud Nine owner Robert Powls has introduced his new line of heat induction technology hair products, The O, The Wands and The Irons.

It is rumored that Princess Kate used these products on her hair for the wedding and is now hooked. Anything Kate loves, I love too!

 Facts about “The O”

  • “The O” uses a Pod and a special Velcro style roller with an alloy core
  • The Pod heats in 4 seconds
  • The roller is cool to the touch, no heat is ever in the Pod
  • The roller warms from the inside out leaving your fingers free from burning hot plastic
  • Clips aren’t always necessary to secure them the roller since it is a Velcro like technology

 Facts about “The Wand”

  • Has a special baked coating that adds shine to the hair
  • Three different temperature settings
  • Ability to create tiny tight spiral curls to big bouncy loose curls

 Facts about “The Irons”

  • Irons curl as well as straighten
  • Sleek black plates contain special mineral based coating that actually takes three days to bake into the plates instead of the sprayed on coating of most irons
  • Mineral based coating allows the hair to glide smoothly over the plates which adds unbelievable shine to the hair
  • 7 different temperature settings on the standard and wide irons and
  • Each plate has a computer chip that checks the temperature 4 times per second, which ensures one never lose heat as you style your hair
  • The temperature gauge also contains a chip so the heat remains consistent
  • The “trick” to using these irons is to pull slowly through the hair, no faster than the steam that rises from the hair. Only one pass necessary to get straight, sleek, frizz free hair

About Cloud Nine

The Cloud Nine revolution was originated by Robert Powls, who was part of the team that created ghd, a line of hair tools that became the industry standard in Europe for the last 15 + years. Driven to always perfect his craft, Robert wanted to take the “industry standard” to a new level and left ghd to create what is now Cloud Nine. Cloud Nine and The O recently won the Innovation of the Year from the British Hairdressing Business Awards for The O.  They have also been nominated for the 2011 Prix de Marie Claire Awards in Australia.

For more information on where to buy these miracle irons visit the new Cloud Nine US website.


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