Create The Crimp look

The Crimp is back and it's looking great. We recommend a medium styling temperature for this look. Simply follow our six-step guide to create your own take on The Crimp.

STEP 1: Give your hair a good blast until it's dry.

STEP 2: Take a two-inch section from ear to ear on the front hairline.

STEP 3: Braid this section into small plaits.

STEP 4: Run your iron along each plait several times, then leave them to cool down.

STEP 5: Run your iron through the rest of your hair - making sure you pause for a few seconds at the ends.

STEP 6: Release the braids and brush softly to separate and style. It's cool, it's The Crimp, and it's a look that's right now.

We've used the wide iron to create our model's look, but you can use any of our irons for a slightly different take on our look.